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IM Global Realty serves both domestic and foreign clients. 

We specialize in working with out of state buyers & sellers and Foreign Nationals who are seeking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Florida real estate as well as those looking to Live and work in the USA under the E-2 Treaty Investor VISA program.

Foreign Nationals face unique issues; with over 10 years in the industry we have the proven Experience, Education and the Network to successfully navigate the various challenges. 

Our clients come from various Countries and locations across the United States and span the spectrum to include: - CEOs, Bank Executives, Accountants, Doctors, Businessmen & Businesswomen, as well as average individuals and families. 

Being Foreign Nationals once ourselves; we understand the concerns and anxieties of owning a property that’s thousands of miles away. To alleviate this concern we created our own Property Management Division to specifically serve our clients and our clients ONLY.

Our service is very personalized and over the years our investors have come to understand and appreciate our model. We build relationships not merely undertake transactions.

Our goal is to provide both our domestic and Foreign Clients with unparalleled service in their acquisition, management or disposition of their homestead or investment properties in Florida. We work to ensure that their investments generate acceptable ROI / Cash Flow & Equity Growth; freeing them up to do whatever it is that they do best!

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